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Bath & Brush

Our grooming expert will bath and groom your dog, cat or rabbit. This service does not include coat clipping or de-matting. See our price list below. 

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Puppy Introduction

Do you have a new puppy who derserve a puppy pamper but has never been to a groomers before? Not a problem, book in for a puppy intro where will we spend time with your puppy, desensitising them to our spa room and some equipment. You are welcome to stay so you too can learn how we groom, the products and equipment we use. Giving you peace of mind for the next time we see your pup for their proper spa treatment. 

Puppy 1st groom

This service is for puppies up to 6 months old. For most puppies their first groom can be a scary experience, thats why when you book your pup for their 1st groom with us we allocate extra times so we can take things slow, introduce puppy to being groomed at their pace. If we only get some done, not to worry its best to stop than try to continue, stress puppy and make puppy dread their next visit. 

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Full groom

This service is breed specific. Please see our price menu below for a estimated cost for based on breed. Please note these costs are an estimate, more will be charged for matted coats or dogs who require longer in the spa due to behaviour or health issues. 

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